Half-Life 1 Custom Map – Chaocity3 by Sulsa

This map was an important map for me and my friends during our LAN days way back in the 2000s. It took me some time to uncover it again so I am mirroring it here.

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Note that this map was made for Half-Life 1 GoldSource (NOT the newer “Source” version).

Author’s Notes


by  S U L S A

Type: Halflife Deathmatch map
Players: 6-? players
Filename: Chaocity3.bsp

Email: [email protected]



Revenge of the damned...

	As the world begins to degenerate into a seething globe of distrust, war and famine, there are those that view it as an opportunity.  The partial success of the Chaocity experiment to develop a super-soldier for the United States military has led to more funding and broader experimentation.  Though hardly perfect, the project results are nearing the point of marginal usefulness.  The progress is being watched closely, for timely deployment on frontlines around the world are reaching a critical necessity.

It is at times like this, with pressure from the ones that provide the funding and incentive, but who have little concept of the dangers and hazards in this type of undertaking, that mistakes are made.  Such a mistake has happened in a new section of 'Chaocity' as the prototypes near production level effectiveness.

As the experimentation continues on the unwilling participants, the combat training begins to involve weapons capable of more massive destruction.  At the same time, Defense Department officials overseeing the project they are funding (and hoping to absolve themselves of the Black Mesa fiasco through this project's success) are putting increased pressures upon the scientists overseeing 'Chaocity'.
As the scientists put in longer days, frustration and sleep deprivation begin to take their toll.  More and more, safety measures are disregarded in order to achieve quicker and larger goals towards a 'working model'.  It is at the peak of one of these pushes towards a breakthrough when things take an unexpected and horrifying turn for the scientists and personel of Chaocity.

An under staffed security/observation tower in quadrant 7c does not notice the test subjects gaining access to a large weapons and explosives depot.  The depot itself, located directly above a major access tunnel is promptly destroyed.  The resulting explosion collapses a section of the tunnel and gives the battle crazed soldiers above access to the massive infrastructure below. 

The soldiers, who know nothing but violence, death, fear and bloodlust, pour into the sub-level areas of the Chaocity experiment, hoping to find a way out as well as punish those who have condemned them to such a life.  What they find is a fantastic expanse of tunnels and laboratories that run underneath all of Chaocity.  Among other things, the soldiers find alien mag-lev technology on a huge underground transportation system and advanced teleport technology.  
They also find fierce resistance from the scientists who have found themselves a part of the experiment that they themselves had created.  Gun turrets and defenses are hastily erected while tunnels are blown to seal off the attackers, but ultimately the massive underground labyrinth becomes nothing more than a tomb.


	Chaocity 3 is the final map in the 'Chaocity' HLDM map series.  All of these maps were made to be very large, and this one is definately the largest of the 3.  This map got it's inspiration from the beginning tram ride levels of the original HLSP game.  I was looking to recreate the massive architecture and breathtaking feeling of those introductory levels while providing an excellent place for fighting.

	This is the third map I have released to the public. After successfully completing CC1 and CC2, I wanted to see how much beyond their size I could get.  It took over 8 months to finish and is being released nearly to the day a year after Chaocity 2.  Based on the knowledge from the first 2 Chaocities of how to optimize Zoner's compiling tools, I still could have put more into this map and made it larger.  Running out of patience and inspiration, I decided enough was enough. 

	All the weapons in the Halflife universe are here.  You will find 3 user controllable turrets, 4 teleporters and 2 trains that use mag-lev technology to get around.  I did not put any traps or special tricks in this map, so to those who may be disappointed:  sorry! 

As I said in CHAOCITY 2, and should be repeated here:
There are very few BIG maps out there, and there are even fewer people who like the 'slower' type of game that goes along with the big size.   There are however, a huge amount of small and medium sized maps of high quality, so if this is too big for you, you have thousands (literally) of others to choose from.  
But if you are one of the few who love to play on the 'big chuggers', then I hope you enjoy Chaocity 3.

This map in particular may not run AT ALL on some 'low end' computers because of the amounts of texture memory required.  
I did not build this map for everyone.  
I did not build this map to score points on map review sites.
I built this map for the people who liked the first 2 maps in this series and who wanted to take a trip back to Chaocity for one last time.  



	You must put the 6 image files (6 TGA) in your \\...Valve\gfx\env folder.  It is an improved sky from Chaocity 2.  Overwrite your original.



	-AMD ATHLON 1.1 ghz processor with 512 mb RAM
	-GeForce 2 GTS 32mb video card
	-Worldcraft 3.3
	-ZONER'S Tools
	-Adobe Photoshop 6
	-Adobe Illustrator 9.0

Compiling Time:
	-1h 31m 5s

Geek #s:
	-67471 base patches
	-visibility matrix   :  30.0 megs (because of '-sparse' switch on Zoner's Tools)
	-1295770 square feet [186591008.00 square inches]
	-3318 direct lights
	-12155 faces


	-Dr. Dags, Huggie Bear and Flash.  PRE-beta testers and great friends for years.  (That's all four of us in the picture).
	-HL community members Primate (lead animator for Ronin Software), Davros (creator of 'Tardis' and 'Davroplex') and Mustang (owner/creator of Globalassault.com).
	-Clan [CMC] (Canned Meat Clan) for the actual Beta-testing and bug scrubbing; a kick-ass server [CMC] Blasterpiece Theater, great ideas and suggestions for improvement.  It is the greatest thing that we all survived the implosion of 'iCAST.com', and will be great friends for life.  You guys are THE BEST.
	-The web resources like GlobalAssault.com and the Halflife ERC.  
	-The guys who frequent the 'RUST gamedesign forums'.  If it wasn't for them and the many others like them out there, there wouldn't be ANY amateur game designers.  What I have learned from those guys over the past year and a half has given me the ability to make the maps I want to make.  Plus they are a great community and a hilarious bunch...
	-Most of all to the die hard Halflife fans who still keep this awesome game alive.


	This map is ALL MINE, except for two things:

	-HWARANGDO, the most comprehensive system of deadly fighting on the planet.  www.hwarangdo.com

	-GLOBALASSAULT, the best map review/depot site on the net.  3 years old and going strong.  www.globalassault.com

	I made this map from scratch.  It belongs to me.  Everything is original.  But you know what?  Use whatever you want out of it!  Turn it into whatever you want or take whatever you want for prefabs...ON ONE CONDITION:  Be cool, be honorable and GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE.

Once again, it has been a pleasure making this map for all the HL shooters out there, and an honor to count myself amongst the designers.


S u l s a


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  1. Keith

    Thank you for posting it! I loved this map, and played it constantly back in the day. I was always sad that it never made the jump to HL2DM.

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