Performing a Clean Install of F5 BIG-IP software

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I was recently tasked with replacing a dead F5 BIG-IP 1600 at our datacenter. A seemingly typical piece of work, however I ran into some huge issues in the process of doing so largely due to the replacement F5 device coming with an early version of the OS at v9.4.6 – F5 switched from a partition-based storage framework to an LVM Volume-based storage framework in the transition between v9.x and v10.x as well as quite heavily changing the OS upgrade process (For the better).

What this means in practice is that it is quite a complicated process to upgrade from v9.x -> v10.x -> v11.x. The guides F5 provide to perform this span a number of knowledgebase articles and it can be fairly complicated to follow properly, and missing one step could mean wiping and bricking the F5.

Additionally, the official F5 guides on performing a clean install of an OS Image requires either a linux PC or a pre-existing and working F5 to create the requisite bootable media to install from.

In this article I present a simple and effective way to upgrade from any version of OS straight to the latest v11.x OS, from any PC (Windows, Linux or Mac).

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Collaborative Code Design

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When working within a team of programmers I have always found that maximizing collaboration between programmers in the design phase has great benefits down the road. Even if a programmer isn’t expected to work within the implementation of a specific design I find they still get great value out of knowing, at least at a high level, how each area of the codebase is meant to flow.

To that end I’m always on the hunt for better tools to help achieve this. I’ve yet to find the perfect combination of non-invasive tools across the entire programming workflow end-to-end as unfortunately many of the most powerful ones can tend to dictate what other tools you must use to keep compatibility.

However I believe I have found a good piece of the puzzle for at least the design phase of the programming workflow.

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